Los Angeles

(July 2010) – 

When Kid Basix launched The Safe Sippy™ stainless steel cup in 2007, it helped ignite a revolution in children’s drink ware. 
The cup not only pioneered the BPA-free movement, it also highlighted the pressing need for sustainable, earth-friendly children’s products. 

It turns out more than concerned moms were listening;  Hollywood moms were listening, too.

In its short three year existence, Kid Basix products have become the favorite of numerous celebrities and filmmakers.  Celebrity moms and dads who have been sighted with Kid Basix cups and bottles include Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner;  Christina Aguilera;  Katherine Heigl;  Jessica Alba;  and Nicole Ritchie, among others.

The company’s products have also become a favorite of Hollywood filmmakers, having appeared in Jennifer Lopez’s most recent effort, The Backup Plan;  Adam Sandler’s latest, Grownups;  The Pregnancy Pact, starring Thora Birch, Nancy Travis and Camryn Manheim;  and Private Practice, the new show from the creator of Grey’s Anatomy.

Kid Basix is known for its eco-friendly stainless steel cups, hip, modern design and commitment to children’s health.  The Safe Sippy™ is the world’s first (and only) 2-in-1 convertible sippy-to-straw bottle.  The second generation of the original Safe Sippy™ cup, The Safe Sippy2™ bottle was created in response to overwhelming demand for a convertible cup. 

The Safe Sporter™ water bottle was created in response to the growing movement away from plastic water bottles, which increasingly are being banned on school campuses across America.  The 12 oz. Safe Sporter is specifically designed for school lunchboxes.  There’s also a 16 oz. version for older kids and adults.  Both sizes come in three modern colors. 

Kid Basix has also introduced a revolutionary stainless steel baby bottle called The Safe Starter™.  Insanely cute and beautifully designed, it’s been called “the coolest baby bottle in the world.”  It comes in two sizes:  5 ounces for newborns and 9 ounces for older babies. 

“We’re excited that so many people in Hollywood have embraced our products,” says Susan Soja, C.E.O. of Kid Basix.  “There are such immense problems with plastic waste filling up our landfills, not to mention the continuing health concerns about plastics, that we’re glad to have these kinds of personal endorsements from celebrities and filmmakers who are using our products just because they admire them.  It helps get the word out about these important issues.